What is a social media website?

Social media web sites connect you, me and millions worldwide into a mutual beneficial group. Increasing your visibility and establishing your business presence on social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc help establish your name and brand. By being an active user you will engage and grow an ever increasing fan base who in turn will share and like creating perpetual growth.

Don't underestimate the importance of Social Media to SEO

With the use of social media being an ever present force in our lives, growing your social network will benefit your business in this new age of internet marketing. We are no longer tied to desktop computers and by meeting the demands of the modern smart phone consumer who are always switched on, you will nurture trust and build relationships between clients and your brand.

Using Social Media for SEO link development

SEO takes three primary forms; on-page, off-page back-linking and social media rankings. The latter is the primary focus of current search engine algorithms, so you should be creating unique and strong content that endorses your business expertise and unique selling points, and sharing them with the world, which in turn will be linked back to your website and so drive more customers through your doors.


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