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The world of search

Most people using the Internet find the services they are looking for through a search engine - it's probably how you found this page!

Also most people look no further than the first two results pages, more often they find what they want from the sites listed on the first page. The benefits of ranking well in the search engines are obvious - more customers!

The key to good search engine placement is to develop pages with good, relevant content and to ensure that the search engine spiders can easily access this content. All our website designs are structured to be search engine friendly.

In addition to the site structure aiding your search engine placement, we can undertake both long and short term SEO work, building up link popularity with your site, and increasing its presence.

Website marketing

It’s reportedly said that you have only 10 seconds (or less) to engage an online prospect, so how do you go about doing this?

  1. Firstly, you need to ‘attract’ the viewer. Your website’s design must be visually stimulating; a poor design will instantly switch them off.
  2. Secondly, deliver your message cleanly and concisely.
  3. Third, get them to take action, or at least collect their contact details.
How do you engage potential clients in these steps?
  1. Focal point: Make sure your message is loud and clear by simplifying your services
  2. Make it count: In the seconds it takes to read your message, it must apply directly to the needs of the viewer and appeal to their emotions.
  3. Occupy them: Use forums or blogs to engage users, so a relationship is developed with you.
  4. Reason to come back: If you keep your site fresh and updated with useful information, chances are the user will return.
How to get your business noticed…

To succeed in business, you need to attract customers to your products and drive them to buy from you.

Whilst you can employ us to do all the following for you, with a little conviction and perseverance, you can set aside a little time everyday or make the most of your down time to implement the following yourself for FREE, saving money simply by being a little creative and shouting about what your doing direct.

Send out a press release

Submitting press releases to can generate valuable back links to your website and gain business recognition though hard copy and online readership. Put together an email contact list for all your local newspaper, radio and TV stations, and let them know every time something good happens, tying it in with a cheeky promotional offer. Remember to include the four W’s in your copy – who, what, why and when and whilst boosting your reputation it may also generate a few leads.

Check your suppliers’ websites

Just like you, they are probably updating their site on a regular basis, so make sure you take full advantage of the content and services they offer with reciprocal links or permissions to re-write and post such on your own site (though DO NOT copy verbatim as you could be penalised for duplicate content by Google).

Check your own website

Quite often small business will have a website created, then simply neglect it – a stagnant site will generate few leads.

Make sure your site is easy to navigate so customers are comfortable accessing the information they seek. Fix any drop off points and identify ways to prompt an action from visitors. Use campaign specific landing pages so you can track where your visitors come from so you don’t waste money on unnecessary marketing

Make sure you update and add new content to your site frequently so returning customers know you are a vibrant and active business (google also loves this). Try to add at least 1 new page or article every 1-2 weeks.


A potential customer will feel more confident if others have endorsed your business, so make sure to keep adding and updating all the positive feedback you receive so they know your customer service is second to none.

Submit articles, blog and engage in social media

To utilise article submissions/blogs, you need to find quality topics related to your business to comment on. By staying relevant to the post you’re more likely to have your submission approved, generating back links and traffic to your own website which google and other search engines like.

Use facebook, twitter and linked-in to name but a few of the growing networks where you can show the human side to your business. Let your customers follow you and post article teases or offers for them to follow back your website, and so engage them - always be positive and helpful.

Email regular updates

By creating a regular newsletter you can keep in touch with existing customers and upsell or cross sell to them as well as keeping your business forefront in their thoughts.

Offer a non-competing business a link exchange

By introducing link exchanges to relevant businesses or organisations, you can better your search engine placement, ergo the number of people who will visit you.

Never give up or lose your enthusiasm!

Winning and retaining customers is a never-ending battle, and sometimes you have to lose the odd skirmish to win a war, so keep track of your marketing ideas and make notes of what works and what doesn’t. Sustained effort brings results in the end.



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