Website maintenance

Website updates and copywriting

If you're too busy with the everyday commitments of running your business, we can deliver website maintenance from as little as £15 per page (one A4 page of 10pt text and one image).

If you'd like us to research and write copy for your website, incorporating keywords, we charge a flat fee of £50 per page.

Why should you update your website frequently?

A website is like anything else in your life, a car, a haircut or your computer and the one thing they have in common is that they all need maintenance and the occasional update.

Why maintain fresh content:

  • It keeps visitors interested
    Users will trust your website, returning and using it as a regular source of information once they know new content and products are frequently added.
  • To help your search engine rankings
    Search engines give higher rankings to websites that are updated regularly.

Keep these words of wisdom in mind and you'll maximise your return on your website!