Website FAQs

I have already purchased a domain name and would like you to produce my website, what do I do?

You have a number of options including asking your existing agent to change the name servers for the domain to ours. Alternatively you can ask them to release the domain and place it under our administration. Just talk over your needs with us and we'll advise on the most suitable option for you.

We do not hold onto domain names like some companies, they belong to you and should you wish to move it, we can release it to you within 24hrs.

How long will it take to complete my website?

This all depends on what you want! We can design and deliver a base content management system website within 2 weeks (subject to workloads!).

How do I stop SPAM?

Activate spam filters on your host space if available and use an anti spam filter such as ReCAPTCHA on your website contact forms which do not allow a submission unless a simple question is answered.