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Your business is important. You have a clear goal. You have a clear vision.

It is important that all your business communications, whether delivered through print or a digital medium, reflect your business aims.



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The website design process

Once you have told us about your business and the preferred style of logo you would like, we will develop different ideas for your business logo subject to your budget. From the initial concepts presented, we will make further refinements based on your feedback until we deliver the logo your looking for.

Corporate identity and brand guidelines

Not to be confused with logo design, corporate identity brand guidelines take your logo to the next level. They show your business logo developed onto various mediums, specify colour palettes, fonts and communicate the right strengths and values of your business via the specification of types of images that should or should not be used alongside your logo.

Logo design tips

  • Keep your design simple – a good strong image will be remembered and recognised.
  • Specify Pantone colours to printers and other companies using your logo. This will maintain your brand on all mediums.
  • Choose two spot colours instead of a full colour design, costs will be greatly reduced when printing stationery.
  • If a company has sub divisions, individual identities should form a family style which tie in together.
  • A logo may need to be reproduced in any size. Vector graphics rather than a jpeg can be scaled up to any size with no loss of image quality.
  • Straplines are remembered better than logos or colours. Give your logo a strapline – ‘When you got it, flaunt it.’
  • If you have been using a logo for a number of years and it’s starting to look dated, simply make a few minor adjustments to bring it up to speed, rather than completely redesigning.


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Website design

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