Top tips for a great website homepage

To be successful and increase your conversion rate, your homepage needs to include certain elements:

  1. Design
    Should be professional, clean and reflect the nature of your site
  2. Content
    Content is king. This should be well written and focused so that it captures and holds the users interest.
    Remember to include your keywords in all their variations and use them in links to deeper pages.
    Regularly update your content to keep your site fresh.
  3. Page header
    Make sure your headings are relevant and keyword rich
  4. Easy navigation
    This should be simple to follow and lead to the desired content within 3 clicks maximum.
  5. Include a call to action
    Give the user clear and concise directions
  6. Testimonials
    Reassure visitors of your credibility and ensure trust by using targeted testimonials such as "Your website helped me increase turnover within weeks of going live!"
  7. Contact information
    Make sure your contact details are clearly visible on every page
  8. Capture contact information
    If you don't get a conversion straight away, at least get their contact details. This could be encouraged in the form of a competition or latest offers subscription, allowing you to legitimately contact them and cross sell your services.
  9. Analytics and A/B testing
    Monitor your website with google analytics. This allows you to see where visitors are going on your website and more importantly where they drop off. This allows you to trial different designs, content and calls to action to maximise your conversion rates.