With approximately 12.5 million smartphone users in the UK - are you missing out on a marketing opportunity?

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a complex two-dimensional bar code that can hold a lot of bespoke information, making it a great marketing tool for any size business.

How do you read a QR code?

Anyone with a camera smartphone such as a Blackberry, HTC, or Nokia can download free software. This software allows you to simply scan the QR code which will then prompt any number of actions depending on what you've created your code to do.

What can a QR code do?

  • Initiate a phone call
  • Link to your website or bookmark it
  • Prompt SMS messages or emails
  • Deliver a simple message

Ways you can use a QR code to promote your business:

  1. Business cards - create a QR code that initiates a phone call to you or leads people to your website for further information.
  2. Increase sales -  drive traffic to specific products on your website or subscription pages.
  3. Leaflets - use a QR code to offer discounts or directions to your premises.
  4. Contact - initiate an email or SMS enquiry about your services.
  5. Promotional - print them on staff T-shirts, shop signage, pavement signs or vehicles to encourage passing trade or reach further afield audiences.